Let’s Be Bully Free!

We had a successful Anti-Bullying Kick Off last week here at Madison Elementary School!

Our Kick Off began during the day with a student assembly.  The students and I talked about how to be a bully free school and how to follow our four Anti-Bullying Rules at school, home, and on the bus.  We also did some singing and dancing – that was everyone’s favorite part of the assembly!

Our Kick Off ended in the evening with a parent session.  The parents and I talked about our four Anti-Bullying Rules and how our Anti-Bullying program runs here at MES.  The audience was attentive and enjoyed the presentation!

Please remember to review our four school Anti-Bullying Rules with your child(ren). If we work together MES can continue to be a Bully Free School!

Madison Elementary School’s Anti-Bullying Rules:

1.  We will not bully others.

2.  We will leave no one out.

3.  If we see someone who is being bullied we will tell an adult.

4.  We will help others who are being bullied.